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Day One Detroiter 1" Soft Enamel Pin

Day One Detroiter 1" Soft Enamel Pin

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The Day One Detroiter Soft Enamel Pin

  • 1” Soft Enamel Pin
  • Polished Brushed Nickel
  • Butterfly Clip Backing

This goes out to all of the real Detroiters. The folks who grew up watching The Scene and New Dance Show. The ones who spent their weekends on Belle Isle when it was known as "The Rock." The folks who grew up with The Box. My people who went to "dress to sweat" parties. Those who went to DPS. Listened to Marvelous Marv and the Electrifying Mojo. Attended the ethnic festivals EVERY WEEKEND FOR FREE at Hart Plaza. Shut down 7 Mile on Saturday Nights blasting their booming systems. This is for you. The heart and soul of Detroit.

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