I hate to interrupt your holiday but I have a very important message regarding one of our designs.

Welp… we just got hit with that hot CEASE AND DESIST order this week.

Apparently someone has trademarked WHATUPDOE!

Someone trademarked the commonly said Detroit phrase back in 2014.

I will adhere to the order and have my webmaster take all of my WHATUPDOE! T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies down from the site as soon as they get back from vacation.

You have until 12/30/2021 (at the latest) to grab anything WHATUPDOE! before it’s taken down. I’d advise to get it now because honestly these products may not make it until then.

WHATUPDOE! at blackfokapparel will be no more.

Don’t worry.. we plan on reworking the design and altering the message to bring your favorite design back in another form.



Once again.. WHATUPDOE! is going away!

 It will not be available on blackfokapparel after 12/30/21. It's possible that it may be removed before then. THIS WILL BE YOUR LAST CHANCE TO GET ANYTHING WHATUPDOE! FROM BLACKFOKAPPAREL.

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