Tip of the Day - Balance

Tip of the Day - Balance

Tip of the Day


As a small business owner, I am throughly aware that one can incapsulate themselves in their business 24/7. And while various books/annotations/affirmations may glorify the constant grind, the truth is that without balance you will eventually burn out.

If you have a family make sure that you take time out of your day to spend it with them.

Cultivate other hobbies for at least an hour out of the day to give your brain downtime.

Take a few minutes to pray, chant, say affirmations or do whatever it is that you do to ease your brain/body.
Add a workout regime to your day.
Break up the monotony.
Your brain needs a break.
Your body needs a break.
Besides, the best ideas come when your mind is relaxed.

This is your #blackfokapparel tip of the day.
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