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Thank You

Posted by Khamisi Benford on

thank you
Thank you
I need to give a big, huge, monumentous thank you to Jennyfer Crawford (@askjennyfer) for continuously looking out for me.
My granny used to tell me that folks don't have to be nice to you. And someone does something for you the least that you can do is say 'thank you'.
Jennyfer, THANK YOU. You have built a platform and company that can't be denied. Not even the unpredictable Michigan weather could stop awesomeness of yesterday's All Things Detroit event. Keep striving to be the best.
A huge thanks goes out to my classmate Mennen Gibbs for coming down and cashing out. I appreciate you and your lady for stopping by. Next time we are out and about drinks are on me.
Thank you for everyone who came by my booth and bought something or offered a kind word. Your energy and currency was much needed yesterday. It helped propel me to my best one day total in the 5 years I've participated at All Things Detroit. These last two weeks getting ready for this event were super long but my customers made it all worth it.
A shoutout goes out to all of my fellow vendors. No one sees the work that we put in in the background to provide a quality product for our customers.
Lastly, a huge shoutout goes to me.
It’s time to kick things up a notch and take things to another level.
It's my time. My time is now.

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