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Celebrate Black History Month

Posted by Khamisi Benford on

celebrate black history month

We believe that Black History is American History.
Black history should not be relegated to 28 days in a year.
This country was built on the back of African Americans.
Our history should be celebrated all day, e'ry day!

This collection is a gathering of our designs that celebrate black excellence!

 celebrate black history pin i root for black people pin
celebrate black history everyday t-shirt i root for black people t-shirt
celebrate black history womens v-neck t-shirt I root for black people womens v-neck t-shirt
everything black is bae t-shirt everything black is bae womens v-neck t-shirt
melanin reigns supreme t-shirt Melanin Reigns supreme womens v-neck t-shirt


You can view more items in this collection by clicking here.

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